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Hello, 안녕하세요

My name is Jony Jung

I am the GM of JONYTHAI.

Welcome to JT Online Space

Jony Thai has been living in Bangkok, Thailand for 24 years now

Through turbulent times and now I has been grown a lot  

I came to Thailand in my early 20s and met a new Amazing Thailand.

From early 20s to my mid to late 30s,


I proudly worked as a Duty Free Ambassador (DFA) Supervisor at King Power Group at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport.

and also 24 years. I iof Korean TV and Media program worked with me

And now we are expanding our various businesses as 

'Thailand  Elite business and more 

I start over. And soon a new world has opened up 

We run for new dreams and hopes.

Thank you for visiting our website

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